You can’t take the boy from the farm. Alan grew up on the acreage that now calls Hartland Winery home. His grandfather and his father and now a 3rd generation is using the land to make a living.

How it started

When Alan planted a vineyard and then started making wine in Brenda’s kitchen in 2006, there was never any thought of opening a winery. But, when he started entering wine competitions and winning bronze, silver, gold and double gold, it became clear that he had an untapped talent; so Alan and Brenda started making plans. Those plans took 7 years to come to fruition but we are so happy to share our dream with you. In 2018, after being opened just a little over two years, Hartland Winery was awarded Indiana Winery of the Year at the Indy International Wine Competition. The Indy International is a blind judging based on the quality of the wines submitted. We were, and still are, both humbled and honored to recieve this prestigious award.  

The Vineyard

Our vineyard is planted on 4 acres with 6 varietals planted. By having our own grapes we have more control over the quality of the wine we make. We have Lacresent, Vignoles, Ives, Norton, Seyval Bland and Vidal Blanc. Along with our own vineyard, we also have growers in the area that grow grapes for Hartland Winery, allowing us to take advantage of locally grown grapes as much as possible.


“Small Batch & Handcrafted” is not just a trendy tagline—it’s the way we do business. It's the driving mindset behind everything we do. Our mission is to produce small batches of wine with lots of care and thoughtfulness poured into them. By doing so, we can have a wider variety that is at the peak of flavor and freshness. We may not be the largest producer of wine in the area, but we hope that you’ll agree that we put our special touch into each and every small batch we make. 

We are currently and always will be a work in progress. We never want to be stagnant and set in our ways. We are constantly honing our skills and experimenting with different varietals, ideas, and processes. This is where we believe true innovation and a unique product will come from. We have also found that this idea and perspective on wine making has given us some unique flavors of wine that we think are pretty special. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Meet The Team

Alan Lockhart

Howard dalton
Assistant winemaker

Brenda Lockhart
Tasting Room manager